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Sound Insulation Testing


Sound insulation testing is a mandatory requirement for newly constructed buildings and converted premises.

The requirement is detailed in Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2000 -Resistance to the Passage of Sound. This covers all newly constructed properties (not registered with the ‘Robust Details’ scheme) and for properties undergoing a change of use which will result in new dwellings being created (known as a material change of use).

Sound insulation tests are also a requirement in some other types of new build property such as hostels, hotels, residential care homes and student accommodation. Such properties are described as ‘Rooms for Residential Purposes’ in Approved Document E.

The Dragonfly Consulting team is experienced in sound insulation testing (also referred to as sound testing, acoustic testing or noise testing) and with on-site diagnosis of noise transmission problems. All testing is undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Approved Document E and the relevant international standards (ISO140: 1998 and ISO717: 1997).

We can undertake verification testing and provide detailed, independent advice on any remedial works required. This can include the construction of floating floors, dry lining of walls and many other specialist sound attenuation treatments.

We’ve included below a sound insulation testing ‘checklist’ as a downloadable PDF file.

We advise completing this checklist prior to undertaking sound insulation tests at your site. If the answer to all the checklist questions is ‘Yes’ then testing can be completed at your site. If you answer ‘No’ to any question on the checklist it may still be possible to conduct sound insulation tests at your site but please contact us for advice.

 If you would like more information about our Sound Insulation Testing services please contact us to discuss your requirements.


All the information contained on this page is available to download as a PDF file below.

Related PDF file
Approved Document E (5.63MB)
Related PDF file
Approved Document E (Amends 2013) (479KB)

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