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Ground Borne Vibration


Ground Borne Vibration (GBV) describes vibration that is passed into the ground from man-made sources such as railways, construction works and roads.  The is usually a low frequency vibration.

This vibration can be transmitted over significant distances depending on the source and can then pass into the structure of a building where it can affect both the occupants of the building and the building structure itself.

GBV is generated by sources such as road vehicles and trains or by processes such as piling and blasting. In all of these cases the GBV is transmitted from the source into the ground. The composition of the ground then affects how the vibration is transmitted through the ground and into nearby buildings.

GBV can have significant environmental impact on nearby buildings. Residents can perceive vibration either directly, as motion in floors and walls, or via indirect means such the vibration being re-radiated as noise.

Once in the building structure the vibration can cause disturbance (e.g. the rattling of windowpanes, glassware and crockery). In extreme cases the building could suffer structural failure due to the effects of vibration.

Dragonfly Consulting can help by predicting the levels of vibration caused, or experienced, by a particular development. We can assist by measuring vibration levels produced by temporary operations such as piling in order to ensure that these levels do not exceed prescribed limits and cause annoyance or structural damage.

Finally, where it’s believed that structural damage has occurred, we can assist in assessing what may have caused the damage and establish how the vibration was transmitted.

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