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Event Noise Monitoring


Dragonfly Consulting has extensive experience in noise monitoring and management for outdoor events and festivals.

Managing noise from events such as music festivals, outdoor concerts and sporting events can be a challenging and complex undertaking. With precise and technical licence requirements, even for smaller music festivals, it can be a potential legal minefield for a promoter or organiser to understand and manage.

We are experienced in the supervision of all the noise issues associated with an event and will instigate a well tried and effective management system. We can take control of all aspects of noise control and management and take the pressure off the event organisers. We will liaise with the Local Authority in agreeing and setting licence conditions. We’ll undertake pre-event noise monitoring and planning. We’ll implement noise monitoring and management on the day (or days) of the event, handle and respond effectively and tactfully to complaints and liaise with the Local Authority.

If you would like more information about our Entertainment and Leisure Noise assessment services please contact us to discuss your requirements.


All the information contained on this page is available to download as a PDF file below.

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