Sound Insulation Testing – Keepmoat Homes

Dragonfly Consulting is undertaking an extensive program of sound insulation testing associated with major ongoing developments by Keepmoat Homes in the Kingston upon Hull area. Keepmoat Homes is a national house builder specialising in the regeneration of urban areas. The projects in Hull represent a considerable investment and Dragonfly Consulting is pleased to assist Keepmoat Homes deliver on these sites over the next 4 years by ensuring that the sound insulation (following the requirements in Approved Document E of the Building ... Read more

Occupational Dust and Noise Monitoring

Dragonfly Consulting has completed an extensive assessment of occupational exposure to noise and inhalable/respirable dusts for a major Yorkshire food manufacturer. The scheme required testing throughout the manufacturing facility including food processing and packaging facilities along with food manufacture (including bread products and flours). The assessment identified which employees were at risk of exposure to unacceptable levels of noise and dust in the workplace and identified control methodologies to reduce those exposures to acceptable limits. Assessment and control of noise at the site comprised ... Read more

Wind Turbines – Sound Power Measurement

Wind Turbines – Sound Power Measurement Sound power measurement for a wind turbine involves a complex and exact survey protocol of the turbine noise, completed whilst simultaneously measuring a number of meteorological conditions including wind speed, wind direction and air temperature. All measurements must be completed in full accordance with ISO 61400-11. This standard has been revised recently and Dragonfly Consulting already has extensive experience of completing noise measurements in accordance with the revised standard which was issued in April 2013. Dragonfly Consulting ... Read more

Wind Turbines – Site Specific

Wind Turbines – Site Specific Dragonfly Consulting was commissioned to undertake a noise impact assessment at the nearest noise sensitive properties (private houses) in the vicinity of a proposed 400kW wind turbine development in Cumbria. Having completed a simplified assessment following the guidelines in ETSU-R-97 it was established that on-site noise monitoring would be required. Dragonfly Consulting made contact with the residents in nearby properties to seek permission to monitor background noise levels in their gardens. As all residents refused to allow access ... Read more

School and Educational Acoustics – Acoustic Design

A Manchester primary school appointed Dragonfly Acoustics to carry out an assessment of the noise environment within the school hall. The aim of the assessment was to establish whether this environment was suitable for its current use as a school assembly space and what steps could be taken to improve the acoustic performance for that purpose. The noise assessment was conducted broadly in accordance with ISO 3382-2 (2008) Measurement of room acoustic parameters - Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms. Measurements of ... Read more
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