Planning Noise – New York Stadium, Rotherham

Dragonfly Consulting was appointed to undertake a noise impact assessment for the proposed re-development of the former Guest and Chrimes foundry site in the centre of Rotherham. The site was a former steelworks concerned in the manufacturing, amongst other things, of the famous ‘New York’ fire hydrant, which closed in 1999. The Guest and Chrimes site was earmarked for development of the new stadium for Rotherham United Football Club.

Dragonfly Consulting assessed the noise impact of the proposed stadium to establish if the proposals to redevelop the site would impact negatively on the surrounding communities and residents. The assessment involved a detailed noise measurement program of the areas around the site and predictions of the impact of a range of aspects of the stadium’s operations. Following completion of the noise assessment outline planning permission was received in November 2010 and the stadium was opened in 2012.

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