Occupational Dust and Noise Monitoring

Dragonfly Consulting has completed an extensive assessment of occupational exposure to noise and inhalable/respirable dusts for a major Yorkshire food manufacturer.

The scheme required testing throughout the manufacturing facility including food processing and packaging facilities along with food manufacture (including bread products and flours).

The assessment identified which employees were at risk of exposure to unacceptable levels of noise and dust in the workplace and identified control methodologies to reduce those exposures to acceptable limits.

Assessment and control of noise at the site comprised recommendations including engineering steps to reduce the noise from certain machines ‘at source’ to reduce the reliance on personal protection equipment (PPE). The assessment was conducted to assess against the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

In assessing dust exposure the measurement methodology involved all areas of the manufacturing process and provided recommendations on methods that could be used to better control dust exposure in instances where work spaces were measured, analysed and unacceptable levels were recorded when assessed against the requirements of EH40/2005.

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