Licensing Noise – JD Wetherspoon – Whickham

Dragonfly Consulting is an approved consultant for a client that owns and operates a nationwide chain of award winning public houses and is currently undergoing a national expansion program. Dragonfly Consulting has been involved in assessing the noise for a number of sites for this client including one site in the North East of England that presented a particular challenge.

The site was proposed in a landmark building and surrounded by residential buildings and existing businesses. Having undertaken detailed noise surveys around the site, Dragonfly Consulting worked closely with the Mechanical Services engineers for the development to position all of the refrigeration, cellar cooling, kitchen extract and air conditioning plant items in locations where impact would be minimised and ensure an acceptable level of noise.

The scheme was discussed in detail with the local Environmental Health team and the integrated approach meant the project received planning permission promptly to ensure the project timescales were achieved.

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