Doctors Surgery Complains About Play Area Noise Nuisance

Doctors Surgery Complains About Play Area Noise NuisanceBakewell park

A play park in Salisbury could see the erection of a noise barrier after noise complaints from a local doctors surgery.

Salisbury City Council put in a new play area in Queen Elizabeth Gardens last summer but doctors at Harcourt Medical Centre say it is much closer to the centre than the old one and the noise is disturbing.

However, if the council decides to move the play park it could cost the taxpayer £30,000 to knock down. An alternative option would be to build a noise barrier which could cost £12,000 while moving a piece of equipment can cost anywhere between £15,000 and £18,000.

Cllr Joe Rooney told the Salisbury Journal: “Whatever decision we come to I don’t think we can be worried about the cost. We have created that situation, unwittingly, but it’s our fault not theirs.”

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