If you have any of the following acoustic/planning issues, or have one that isn’t on the list that you think we may be able to help with then don’t hesitate to call our acoustic consultants or email us.


If you are looking for help with any of the following issues then please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  If there is an issue not on this list, but similar, then we may still be able to help or give advice, as this list is not exhaustive.


We conduct noise at work assessments and vibration at work assessment for any business, be it large or small.  These are legal requirements for industry in which noise exposure and vibration exposure are risks.  Are you up to date with your Health and Safety requirements?

How can Dragonfly Consulting help you?

Dragonfly Consulting have a team of Acoustic Consultants that listen to what you have to say and work with you to resolve any issue you may have regarding noise, vibration and dust, whether it be an acoustic planning issue or occupational safety.  Our Acoustic Consultants are based in North Yorkshire, but we conduct work anywhere in the United Kingdom.  We have already worked with some outstanding companies, will your business be our next?

These are just some of the businesses we have enjoyed working with…

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